Neanderthalers in the eastern part of the Flemish valley

Geosonda was commissioned by the archaeology research group of  the Royal University of Leuven (KUL), to conduct a paleolandscape soil investigation in the proximity of the Puddle of Rotselaar.

The prospection consists of a series of drillings from 6-7,5m – mv and reconstructs the earlier soil composition which resides under the alluvial sedimentary layer. Based on the cartography of the local stratigraphy, a model is created in which potential stone era sites in the Demer valley can be investigated.

During the sand extraction, in preparation for  the construction of a recreational area, there were found remains of fauna dating back to the Paleolithicum, located 5-6 m under the surface level. All these discoveries possibly imply human presence on the gravel terraces in the eastern extremity of the Flemish valley.

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