Geotechnical survey Saeftinghedok (Beveren)

To work on the development of the new Saeftinghedok in Beveren, Geosonda was appointed by the Municipal Port Authority of Antwerp to carry out the geotechnical survey for the study of the new quays.

To this end, one hundred electrical probings were performed to a depth of about forty metres, principally to map out the beginnings of the tertiary Boom clay. In a later phase 25 mechanical drillings to this depth will also be carried out, and whereby undisturbed samples will be removed for laboratory analysis.

In addition to the geotechnical survey it will be necessary to perform an archaeological preliminary survey and a survey to gauge the state of hygiƫne of the environment. Geosonda will also carry out the site work for these surveys by order of the appointed study offices.

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