Execution of a direct-push injection on a contaminated site in Brussels

Geosonda Environment was hired by Envisan for carrying out a direct-push injection as part of a soil sanitation project, which was implemented by an on-site chemical oxidation (ISCO) process in Neder-Over-Heembeek.

Geosonda has gained extensive experience during a large number of projects in the past, in the injection of decontamination products. Often this occurred in the form of short-term pilot tests, for checking on the feasibility of on-site decontamination by means of injection. In this project, however, Geosonda was hired to carry out the full-scale decontamination, whereby a quantity of approx. 70 m³ of de-contaminants was injected via 20 drillholes over a period of 2 weeks. Due to the rather limited absorption capacity of the soil, Geosonda took various measures for increasing the injection speed during the decontamination process, through which the works, to the great satisfaction of the ordering party, could be speeded up.

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