Drilling works in underwater beds (Ghent)

On an order by the study office ABO, Geosonda Environment drilled a number of holes in the underwater bed of the “Ringvaart” canal of Ghent, at a location in Evergem.

The objective on the inspection was a determination of the environmental-hygienic quality of the slurry layer and the floor of the canal thereunder. A total of 20 holes were drilled in the bottom of the canal, with a depth of approximately 5 m. The water column that lay on top amount to approximately 3 to 4 metres.

The drilling works were carried out with one of the various types of geoprobes, which can be used for this type of assignment after some technical modifications. In this case, the drilling rig was positioned on a pontoon with positioning poles, which are necessary for keeping the ship perfectly at the required location.


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