Drilling research for potential Stone Age occupation in the Prosperpolder

In commission of GATE, a geophysical prospection and appreciative drilling research has been carried out on a field of 60 hectares, situated in the Prosperpolder in Beveren. Both prospections are related to an environmental mitigation/a compensatory mitigation commissioned by the Port of Antwerp.

A geophysical prospection has been carried out by means of Cone penetration tests (CPT). On 50 locations, in a grid measuring 100x100m, our experts examined the resistance and the friction of the soil layers to a depth of 10m-mv. Based on the results of the research, the landscape has been mapped.

The aim of the drilling research was to sample the prehistoric surfaces on approximately 500 locations. (Aqualock on a diameter of 100mm).

Discontinuous sampling was used to sample relevant layers at certain depths between three and five metres beneath ground level.


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