Archaeological drilling works in the “Nieuw Zuid” district of Antwerp

On assignment by the archaeological inspection and consulting office ODIN, a series of geoprobe and sonic drilling works were carried out on the Nieuw Zuid terrain in Antwerp.

This assignment was part of the redevelopment project for this terrain, which contains old railway infrastructure, into a mixed residential district for the future.

In total, 16 boreholes were drilled for up to 7.5 m below ground level. Since the upper layers that contained a lot of rubble, it was necessary to initiate the drilling works with augers. Thereafter, undisturbed samples were taken with liners and sonic probes. The sonic probing works were carried out in cooperation with our partner Sialtech. The description and inspection of the drilling profiles was carried out on site by the archaeologists of ODIN, and by ArcheoPro from the Netherlands.



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