The ABO-Group is aware that the appropriate processing of personal data is an indispensable aspect of privacy law. In order to ensure compliance with this right, you can check how we handle your data in this statement. The approach used by the ABO-Group is, of course, already in compliance with current Personal Data Protection Law and also with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 25 May 2018.

This implies in any case that we:

  • process your personal data in accordance with the purpose for which it was provided; the purposes and types of personal data are described in this Privacy Statement;
  • limit the processing of your personal data to only the data that is absolutely required for the purposes for which it is being processed;
  • request your express consent if we need this for the processing of your personal data;
  • have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of your personal data;
  • will not pass on personal data to other parties, unless this is necessary for carrying out the purposes for which it was provided;
  • are aware of your rights regarding your personal data, and aim to inform you of these rights and to respect them.

This privacy statement is structured as follows:

  1. Purposes of the data processing (general);
  2. Marketing activities;
  3. Personnel;
  4. Provision to third parties;
  5. Retention period;
  6. Security level;
  7. Rights of the persons concerned (the data subjects);
  8. Complaints;
  9. Contact data;
  10. Amendment of the privacy statement.
  1. Purposes of the data processing (general)

Your personal data is processed by the ABO-Group in order to enter into and carry out agreements with ABO-Group Environment NV and/or its subsidiary companies. These agreements aim to provide services and consultancy in the field of integrated engineering & testing activities in the areas of soil, geotechnology, environment, energy and waste.  In order to optimise these services, the data may also be used for the improvement of the services of ABO-Group Environment NV and its subsidiary companies, and to manage the relationship with the customer.

  1. Marketing activities

Within the context of its marketing activities, the ABO-Group retains general information regarding its existing customers, contacts and relationships. For this purpose, we may compile your data, such as e-mail address, name, company and telephone number, in lists or databases.

This data is used to maintain customer relationships. Examples of this include communication with existing and potential customers and relationships with regard to (new) services or activities, and inviting existing and potential customers and relationships to our events.

  1. Personnel

The ABO-Group holds the information about its employees that is necessary in order to comply with all its statutory social obligations and in the context of inflow and career management processes. This data is compiled in databases and lists by the personnel department. This data can also be shared with the external social partners for the correct processing of data and HR issues.

In addition, personal data, which includes name, first name, telephone number and e-mail address, is also shared with our external ICT partners.

In the context of obtaining and carrying out our agreements, CVs and surnames/first names, respectively, are also used in our business and implementation processes.

Personal data from employees is compiled by our internal communication departments in order to maintain the cooperative relationship. Examples of this include sending out announcements, congratulations, invitations and information.

  1. Provision to third parties

We may provide the data you give us to third parties if this is required for the implementation of the above-mentioned purposes.

We never pass on personal data to third parties with whom we have not concluded a processing agreement. We ensure the necessary arrangements with these parties (data processors) in order to guarantee the security of your personal data.

Furthermore, we will not disclose the data that you give us to third parties (provision to other parties), unless this is legally required and permitted. An example of this would be a police request for (personal) information from us in the context of an investigation. We must cooperate in such a case, and are therefore obliged to provide this information.

We can also share your personal data with third parties if you give us your (written) consent to do this. You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time, without prejudice to the legitimacy of the processing prior to the withdrawal of the consent.

We do not provide personal data to parties that are established outside the EU.

  1. Retention period

The ABO-Group does not retain personal data for longer than is necessary for achieving the purpose for which it is provided, or longer than is required by law.

  1. Security level

The ABO-Group protects the data with which it is entrusted by means of technical and administrative security measures in order to thereby minimise the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure and modification. This includes, for example, firewalls, encryption of data, and control of the physical and administrative access to the data and servers.

We have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorised processing. These measures include, for example:

  • Every person who is authorised to view your data on behalf of the ABO-Group is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of this data.
  • We use a username and password policy for all our systems;
  • We ensure the pseudonymisation and encryption of personal data if there is reason to do so;
  • We make back-ups of the personal data in order to be able to recover it in case of physical or technical incidents;
  • We regularly test and evaluate the measures we have implemented;
  • Our employees have been informed about the importance of the protection of personal data.

Please contact us if you believe that inappropriate use has been made of personal data. Our contact details are included under item 9.

  1. Rights of the persons concerned (the data subjects)

If you have a relationship with our organisation, you can view your personal data following a written request (by e-mail via the address below). If the overview we provide contains factual inaccuracies, you can submit a request in writing to have the data amended or deleted. In addition, you can inform us accordingly in writing if you do not wish to be contacted with information about our products and services.

You may also object to the processing of your personal data (or a part of it) by our company or by one of our processors.

You also have the right to have the data you provided transferred to yourself or directly to another party on your behalf. We may ask you for proof of identification before we can comply with the above-mentioned requests.

  1. Complaints

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, we kindly ask you to contact us directly.

You have the right to submit a complaint to the Privacy Commission, which is the supervisory authority in the field of privacy protection, at any time.

  1. Contact data

Please address any questions and requests concerning the processing of your personal data to:

ABO-Group Environment NV
Mr. Frank De Palmenaer (LAN 040306)
Derbystraat 255
9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem

  1. Amendment of the privacy statement

We reserve the right to amend our privacy statement. Any modifications will be published on our website (