Partnership with Sialtech

Sialtech from the Netherlands, and Geosonda from Belgium, are both market leaders in the area of environmental and geotechnical fieldwork, which has led to the signature of a strategic cooperation agreement.

Sialtech, one of the largest, independent drilling operators for environmental soil inspection in Europe, came into the hands of its director, Mr Henk Nijmeijers, through a management buyout. The company, with branches in Houten, Maastricht, Assen and Goes, is primarily active in the area of environmental, geotechnical and archaeological soil inspections. Its area of activities not only covers the Netherlands; the company carries out fieldwork throughout Europe and in many other foreign countries. For instance, the company recently carried out a major archaeological soil inspection in Denmark, besides a number of large underwater soil projects in the Netherlands.

Geosonda, which started out 40 years ago as a pioneer in the area of probes and drilling works, has expanded its activities amongst others towards environmental fieldwork, since its integration in the ExeQutes Holding. In this way, the company has built up unique know-how with specific technologies, such as CPT and MIT probe processes. In this area, Geosonda is primarily active in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. In combination with the unique experience of its French sister company ERG, Geosonda offers sample-taking, measurements and probe-drilling, using various drilling installations. This has, for instance, recently led to probes and drilling works with compression meter tests, for the construction of the new NATO headquarters in Evere, and it has given Geosonda experience in stability measurements during the construction of windmill parks.

“By merging experience and know-how, and by being able to use each other’s specialised machine park, which includes sonic drilling by the one and direct push-drilling and probing by the other, both companies now dispose over broader possibilities for offering an all-around package of services to their customers,” says Frank De Palmenaer, CEO of the ExeQutes Holding.

“Besides our wider offer and the better distribution of offices, through which we are not only closer to our customers but also closer to the employees of our holding, the combination of both companies has created a strong player for accepting international assignments,” says Henk Nijmeijers, who, besides being a director of Sialtech, is also the chairman of the Measurements Division of the Dutch professional association SIKB.

Through this cooperation, Sialtech and Geosonda can now jointly compete for carrying out major assignments. Furthermore, the growth that both our companies have experienced during the last two years can be strengthened through this cooperation. Both companies found their way to one another, because safety and quality have always been part of their trademark.

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