New Hyson 200 kN Probe Unit For Geosonda

Geosonda is extending its machinery to embrace the HYSON 200 kN crawler. This state-of-the-art machine from supplier A.P. Vandenberg is the absolute top of the range among probe vehicles, and is packed full of the latest technology.


The machine is among other things equipped with the Optocone measuring system for wireless probing. Together with the automatic pipe-screwer the work process is not only accelerated but also the chances of physical overloading and/or damage are kept to a minimum. Moreover casings can also be installed at any depth as desired, thus allowing still deeper probes to be carried out.


The purchase of this new machine is in line with the growth strategy of the coming years and brings the total number of drilling and probe machines that Geosonda Belgium has in its possession to eleven. Alongside this the capacity and the services package will be further expanded, whereupon the customer can be better and more quickly served through the one-stop-shop principle.

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