Asbestos sampling according to CMA 1/A.19 et 1/A.20

Since several months, Geosonda is equipped with specialized equipment to perform asbestos research in paved areas, foundation or soil layers.
After a visual inspection with demarcation of the asbestos suspicious areas, a small excavator digs a few pilot slots. The soil is then released through a sieve with an aperture of 16 mm dividing soil in a separated coarse and fine fraction. This is followed by an inspection of the grove group in which sampling is carried out to look for asbestos suspicious parts. The fine fraction is also sampled and later analyzed in an accredited lab.
For the determination of asbestos in recycled granules, Geosonda has the necessary equipment and trained staff at its disposal. The sample techniques used for this purpose are sampling by means of sublots with a wheel loader or manually through handles along the surface.
During these activities, security is crucial, and all works are carried out with the necessary PPE and undercontinuous wetting. If work needs to be performed that exceeds the protocol of Simple Actions, our internal prevention service contacts the FPS WASO in order to continuously ensure the safety.

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