Geosonda is a part of the ABO-Group and combines three companies. These companies have been fusioned under the name Geosonda since 2012. In this way, three different companies share their strengths and experience.


  • Geosonda bvba originally was a study office for soil mechanics and foundation engineering, which had been active from Brussels since 1971. This company became a part of ABO-Group in 2010.
  • Geosonda Environment nv was established as a part of the fieldwork department of ABO Consult, which separated in 2009 and developed into a full-fledged and independent entity within the Group, named as Exequtes Milieu Meetdienst.
  • Geosonda B.V. combines the company formerly known as Goorbergh Geotechniek (integrated in the group in 2008) and the testing division of Geomet B.V. (integrated in the group in 2016).

Core Numbers

  • Branch offices: Brussels, Ghent, Aartselaar, Namêche, Hasselt, Alphen aan den Rijn (NL) and Breda (NL)
  • Personnel: 37 fieldworkers and 15 office employees
  • Equipment:
  • 9 sounding units, including 1 detachable device
  • 8 drilling units, of which 4 geoprobes
  • 10 freight lorries, 4 terrain vehicles and 8 light lorries
  • Sales: +/- € 6,000,000

Partner of
Sialtech Europe


Within the framework of the internal project ‘People enterprising’, the HR department of ABO-Group is currently working with subsidies from the European Social Fund Flanders’ (an ESF Agency).